Tapasztalat egyéni tanfolyamról - in English

"I turned to Szilvi because I was diagnosed with chronic stress syndrome tending towards depression. During the twelve-weeks-long individual therapy I did not only learn how to relax and get rid of emotional pressure with the help of the daily practice of autogenic training, but our discussions also shed light on many important dimensions in life which I tended to ignore before. These discussions encouraged me to gain more knowledge about my inner self, discover my own needs and separate them from others' expectations. Szilvi's comments and questions gave me food for thought for the time between the occasions, and I also had the opportunity to share my developing standpoint and the newly found answers with her. Now I am not only able to calm myself down in difficult situations and endure the everyday stress better, but I also have much more confidence in myself and I learnt how to think positively even when first I would think there is no reason for it. I also experienced the positive physical effects of the training, presently it seems that I managed to get rid of stress dizziness and shaking. So it is not a question whether I intend to practice regularly in the future. I am very grateful for all these wonderful things, and I can recommend Szilvi's autogenic training for everyone striving with the same problems."